Политика доставки

Shipping and Other Costs

・Required fees when purchasing products

Shipping fee for customers who would purchase for individual usage.


*DHL has a fixed minimum shipping cost, so shipping only one bottle is more expensive. The number of bottles purchased increases, and the shipping cost per bottle gets cheaper.

※Price may differ depending on the time of delivery, product, country, and social conditions that may affect the delivery process.


・Shipping methods will be through Japan Post or DHL

The following prices will be charged when purchasing products through SAKURA TOWN

a)Commodity Price
-Prices are shown on the product detail page.
-Commodity prices do not vary by country.

b)Shipping Fee
・Shipping fee varies depending on the total weight and destination country.

c)Fees that are unincluded to commodity price
-Import tax, excise tax, liquor tax
-Fees will apply depending on the destination country.
-Fees may differ depending on the number of bottles you purchase or the price of the product itself.
The total of a) Commodity Price and b) All shipping costs will be shown on the billing page

(Points of Attention)
・Partially some countries that will be charged with c)Fees that are unincluded to commodity price. In that case, the consignee is responsible for the payment.

Amount shown in the table are approximations based on regions and not all destination countries will end up applying so. The confirmed shipping fee will be shown on the billing page.

・Depending on the destination country only 1 BTL can be shipped at a time.