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Our goal is to make the best-tasting sake in the world.

Have you ever tasted sake that has been brewed with the utmost care and attention to detail?

We aim to extend the reach of sake outside of Japan to people unfamiliar with Japan's national drink.
We do this by making high-quality sake that provides excellent experiments for those new to it and people already in the know.

Sake de Swan came to life from this concept. Our bestselling sake is made from the finest rice and the purest water in Japan, which is why its taste is so intriguing.

Fresh Fruity Aroma

Using an additive-free, natural process, we harmonize the balance of sweet and sour tastes during fermentation.
Enjoy the naturally gentle, fresh, fruit-like aroma.

The Highest Quality Rice

Like the high-quality foodstuffs presented to the Emperor, the rice is created using water from the three most clear streams in Japan. We use the ultimate rice that only a few farmers can cultivate.

The Best Mouthfeel

We use subterranean water from the Japanese Alps in the brewing process. This precious water source results in Sake de Swan, which is smoother on the mouth than high-class wines.

  • • ABV: 8%
    • Size: 720 ml

  • •Made in Gifu Prefecture, Japan

    • Ingredients: Rice, water, koji

  • • Rice Polishing Ratio (RPR): 70%

    • Classification: Junmai

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  • Desserts

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  • House party

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  • ★★★★★

    It was easy to drink. on Jan 17, 2022

    I've never drunk authentic Japanese sake. But it was easy to drink for me. I will try to drink the other.

Brewing Beliefs

The brewing process of Sake de Swan is one of perfection. There is a strict watch on the levels of ingredients added, and the time each step takes. The brewery behind this sake put much love and care into this process to ensure every batch meets its high standards.

Message Glass

Our personalized message sake glass is a great gift to buy with Sake de Swan. It is an ideal surprise for a sake fanatic or someone new to sake who is receiving this as a present. You can engrave the glass with any text you'd like.

Buy Message Glass