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The origin of ONITAIJI is part of a traditional Japanese folktale called Momotaro. It is a story about a boy born from a peach who goes to exterminate an ogre. The meaning of "ONITAIJI" is to slay the demons.

This liqueur is made from a variety of fruits (white peaches, yuzu, and mandarin oranges) unique to Okayama Prefecture, which is blessed with abundant fruits. This liqueur can be served in a variety of ways, such as on the rocks, with soda, or with milk. It also goes well with chocolate, vanilla ice cream, and other sweets, expanding your enjoyment of alcoholic beverages.

White Peach- Rice shochu made in-house is combined with roughly strained white peaches from Okayama Prefecture. Because white peaches are extremely delicate, each one must be strained gently and carefully by hand. This peach liqueur is made with a generous amount of juice from "Shimizu Hakuto," one of Japan's most aromatic and premium white peaches. The melt-in-your-mouth flavor is just like perfectly ripe white peaches. You will be captivated by peaches from the moment you open the lid.

Yuzu Mint- This liqueur combines the refreshing taste of hand-pressed yuzu juice with cool shochu. The use of Okayama Prefecture's Hakka (Japanese Hakka citrus) leaves a slightly bittersweet, accented aftertaste that is so refreshing that it leaves your mouth feeling refreshed. Once you taste this liqueur, clearly different from other yuzu liqueurs, you will not be disappointed.

Mikan Mint- Kurashiki mandarins, which have received the full blessing of the sun, have their rich sweetness and tartness gently wrapped in the flavor of Hakka. We recommend this bottle to those who are tired of liqueurs that are just too sweet.


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