The laws on alcohol in Japan?

The laws on alcohol in Japan?

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In the last issue we talked about the number of sake breweries in Japan today, and it is actually very difficult to maintain a sake brewery.

To illustrate this, let us first look at the various laws (permits and licenses) regarding alcoholic beverages in Japan.

  1. License to brew
  2. License to sell wholesale
  3. License to retail
  4. License to sell online
  5. License to export
  6. License to import
Each license is not all that easy to obtain: even if you obtain a manufacturing license (1), there is a "minimum quantity that must be manufactured in one year," and if you do not meet the minimum quantity for three consecutive years, your manufacturing license will be revoked.

And for the sale of sake, a license is required for each of the above (2) through (6), and a license must be obtained in considerable detail. Even if you have a sales license, there are different places where you can handle sake depending on the license you have, so some breweries can handle sake and others cannot.

Incidentally, our company has obtained all of (2) through (4) of the Japanese Sake Sales License and can handle sake from breweries throughout Japan. We also accept manufacturing consignment.

If you have a brewery in the area and would like to create your own original sake that tastes just the way you like it, we're always looking forward to hearing from you!

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