Low-Alchol SAKE IS HERE!!

Low-Alchol SAKE IS HERE!!

Thanks for coming back to the Sakura Town Sake Store blog today!

Everyone who visits our Sakura Town Sake Store, do you like to drink Sake?
Of course, we want people who like to drink to enjoy our sake, but one of our other goals for the sake store is to provide a place where people can enjoy the following
・For those who are a little tired of drinking alcohol
・People who are not comfortable drinking sake
・People who like easy-drinking alcohol like wine.
We hope that people like these will discover our sake and enjoy it in new ways.

 Today we would like to talk about one of the categories in our sake store "low-alcohol sake."
In recent years, people around the world have been turning away from alcohol.
In such a situation, we often hear about " non-alcoholic" and "low-alcohol" products becoming popular.

The same goes for sake, Sake is usually 15% or higher, but can be as low as 12%, similar to wine or even lower like single digit percentages. Low-alcohol sake is popular because it is easy to drink and can be enjoyed on a wide range of occasions.

We recommend it to all of you out there!
"I get drunk easily when I drink sake!"
"I like easy-drinking sake!"

The good thing about low-alcohol sake is that you don't get tired of drinking it even if you drink it continuously, and it is not heavy even if you drink it from the very first glass.

Sake is surprisingly advanced compared to its predecessors. You will definitely think you have good taste when you bring it as a souvenir to a party or other occasions where everyone wants to drink together!

The main characteristic of "low-alcohol" sake is its lightness on the palate.
It gives a soft and gentle impression in the mouth.

And briefly, we will explain about low alcohol sake.

There are two main ways to make low-alcohol sake.

(1) Adding water to adjust the alcohol content to a lower level
A higher than usual percentage of water is added to the brewing water to achieve a low alcohol content.

(2) Method of stopping alcoholic fermentation in the middle of the process
Since the alcohol content of sake increases as fermentation proceeds, the fermentation of the moromi is stopped at a low alcohol content stage and the sake is pressed.

This explanation may sound simple, but method (2) is said to be technically quite difficult in terms of fermentation management, etc.!
Each brewery conducts a variety of research and devises to lower the alcohol content while maintaining excellent sake quality.

The low alcohol sake we carry in our sake store is both Sake "Junmai  THE" and "Sake De Swan" made by the method described in ②, without adding water.

We believe that people should have more freedom in how they enjoy sake, and that focusing on the type of rice, the brewing process, history, or the thoughts of the brewery is not the only way to learn about sake.

What people like always changes depending on the background, so we hope people will be honest about what they themselves feel they like and enjoy it without seeking the right answer from someone else's perspective.

From sake beginners to sake lovers , we hope you all will give it a try it!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading this far!
We look forward to seeing you again in the next blog!

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