Sake for your health!?

Sake for your health!?

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Today, as the title says. We would like to talk about sake and health.

It is often said that wine is good for the body as long as you don't drink too much of it because of its high polyphenol content.
The reason for this is that it is made from grapes only, so it does not contain any unnecessary ingredients.

It is actually the same thing with sake.
Most sake is made from rice and the rice malt necessary for fermentation.
And like wine, sake can be enjoyed in a very healthy way unless consumed in excess.
All sake (excluding sake-based liqueurs) sold at SAKURA TOWN SAKE STORE is made from rice and rice malt only.

 Sake contains many vitamins, minerals, amino acids, organic acids, and other nutrients that are good for the body.
It is said that the number of nutrients in sake is over 700. Of particular note is the fact that it contains all the essential amino acids, which the human body cannot produce. The amount of amino acids is equivalent to about 10 times that of wine.

Today we would like to introduce three benefits of drinking sake that you may not be aware of yet.

1. Increase in Appetite
Ethyl alcohol, the main ingredient in sake, stimulates the sensory endings of the gastric mucosa, releases histamine, and promotes gastrin secretion.
This stimulates gastric acid secretion, which in turn increases appetite.
This function has been utilized to the advantage of the custom of drinking aperitifs since long ago.

2.Cleans the skin
Kojic acid" contained in sake is said to suppress melanin production, the source of skin blemishes, which is the skin's greatest enemy.

Ferulic acid, a type of polyphenol, is another skin-lightening ingredient found in sake, and its ability to suppress active oxygen can be expected to have an effect on wrinkles.

3.Promotes blood circulation
Adenosine, which is contained in sake, dilates blood vessels and facilitates the smooth flow of blood.
In addition, acetaldehyde, which is produced when alcohol is decomposed, is also known to dilate blood vessels.
In other words, drinking sake warms the entire body, and the effect of promoting blood circulation can be expected to improv sensitivity to cold.

You may have learned that drinking sake in moderation is good for your health.
So how much should be consumed per day exactly?

It is said that a moderate amount of sake is 180 ml (1 gou).
Sake should be drunk slowly, enjoying its aroma and flavor, not all at once like beer.
It is also a good idea to take small breaks while drinking sake, and to drink sake with some water or something to snack on, rather than just sake by itself.
This is very important because it reduces the burden on the liver.

Here are two of Sakura Town Sake Store's sake recommendations for those who are especially concerned about their health.

Daiginjo THE

This is a sake that is hard to find even in Japan.
The sake brewery is located in Gunma, and is committed to handmade sake without relying on machines.
Take your time to experience the aroma and deep flavor of this sake.


The ingredients used for this product are rice grown completely without pesticides. And the rice polishing ratio is 80%.
This means that the rice contains more protein and fat than ordinary sake.
This is a bottle that fits the concept of "Drink and be healthy.
HOTARU is highly recommended for daily drinking.

Sake still doesn't always make a good impression on many people.
We believe that sake is truly great tasting and deep, and every single step of the production process takes a lot of time and love.
We want people around the world to know about it.

All of the sake in the Sakura Town Sake Store is truly authentic sake.

We are sure to start a new Sake movement for you.
Drink sake and be healthy!

See you in the next blog!

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